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replica belts But even Danske is worried.”I’ve never seen it so bad,” said Soeren Moerch, head of fixed income trading at Danske Markets.”Shareholders would be shocked if they knew the scale of Replica Handbags www.thereplicabags.com the costs that some businesses are taking,” said one banker who Fake Designer Bags has worked at several major investment houses with primary dealer functions.The decline in Replica Handbags dealers comes as many of the world’s largest financial firms, such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, launch strategic reviews that are likely to impact their fixed income operations.The risk that the euro zone could slide back into recession, having barely recovered from its long running debt crisis, could exacerbate the withdrawal by prompting banks Replica Bags to retreat into their home markets.”It is a negative trend. The opposite that we saw in the first 10 years of the euro,” said Sergio Capaldi, a fixed income strategist at Intesa SanPaolo.Seeing a once dominant player like Credit Suisse leave in October has, for some, made it obvious that they will have to slim down if they want to continue.A Replica Designer Handbags second banker, who oversees more than a dozen European dealerships, said he had told his managers he wanted to exit two countries.Banks may also find themselves turfed out by governments if they click more are deemed to be doing only the bare minimum to stay in the hunt for other fee paying business. Belgium last month did not re appoint Deutsche Bank as a primary dealer for 2016 after conducting a performance review of all its market makers.”Regulation has put a lot of pressure on primary dealers,” said Victoria Webster, a fixed income specialist at financial markets trade associate AFME.”Although the government bond markets and auctions have held up well Replica Handbags during the crisis, banks are exiting the market whilst DMOs (debt management offices) are reconsidering the optimum number of primary dealers.”The obligations that countries place on primary dealers vary replica belts.

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