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Handbags Replica For Sosnik, it will be a game with a new, higher kind of stakes.Growing upSosnik grew up in a middle class home in Winston Salem, where his father owned an interior design/furniture store and his mother had a radio interview show on a local station.Sosnik caught the political bug at an early http://www.replicabagss.com/ age, much the way some children are drawn http://www.replicabagss.com to baseball or music.When a friend, Jack Sutton, ran for class president in ninth grade, Sosnik managed his effort.He took things beyond all the bounds of reality,” Sutton said. He had posters made and buttons printed up.” More importantly, Sutton recalled, [Sosnik] was well liked and he could always maneuver people over to his positions.”As a student at Duke University, Sosnik was eager to work on more campaigns, so he turned to his aunt, Louise Endel, a well known community activist in North Haven. Sosnik liked Connecticut’s progressive brand of politics and volunteered in 1976 to work on Gloria Schaffer’s Senate campaign Handbags Replica.

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